DJ500 dead after >= 16 years.

perryh at perryh at
Thu Feb 21 09:40:37 UTC 2008

> >>>  Guys, I need some input about what kind of _new_ printer to buy
> >>>  for my desktops.  I'd like to hang the printer off my FBSD box;
> >>>  my Ubuntu platform is probably too far away. At least 3 meters.
> >>
> >> A few months ago I got a Samsung ML-2571N for well under $100 at
> >> Fry's.  It is small, light, fast; has a built-in 10/100 network
> >> port, handles PostScript, and speaks native lpr 
> >
> > What is lpr?

see "man lpr" and its "see also" entries.

> > Usually printers speak Post Script or PCL printer command 
> > language

As I said, this one speaks PostScript.

> > in which case you need a driver.

Not in this case :)

> > LPD, LPRng, and CUPS are different spooling systems.
> > Did you attach the printer to a computer or is acting as a free 
> > standing printer server.

It is freestanding.

> There is a lpr driver by Brother for Linux. Brother and Canon have 
> binary blob drivers. Did you use that driver may be?

I didn't install any drivers, just added it to printcap and hosts:

lp|Samsung ML-2571N PostScript network printer:\
	:rm=ml2571n:sd=/var/spool/output/ml2571n:lf=/var/log/lpd-errs:		ml2571n

and it Just Works (TM).  I suppose apps like OpenOffice might need
to be told it is a PostScript printer.  If I needed to do that, and
didn't have anything more specific handy, I would just configure it
as a LaserWriter NTX.  I have yet to find a monochrome PostScript
printer for which that does not work well enough.

> Does anyone know if those binary blobs can be useful for anything
> on FreeBSD. They appear to be wrappers for standard Ghost Script
> drivers. I noticed also that some drivers for older Brother 
> printers are removed from Ghost Script 7.0 and 8.0.

AFAIK GS is only needed if you want to print PostScript files on a
printer that does not contain a PostScript interpreter.  It's not
needed when dealing with a PostScript printer.

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