mouse works on console, not in Xorg

Dominic Fandrey kamikaze at
Wed Feb 20 16:12:07 UTC 2008

Steve Franks wrote:
> I thought my mouse was toast, until I ctrl-alt-F2'd back to a console,
> and it works fine there.  I don't see this covered in the handbook.
> I've got two other FreeBSD systems: one 6.3 and one 7.0-RC1, and with
> both of those you plug the usb mouse in and 'it just works'.  I've
> tried the new system with both no xorg.conf, as well as an xorg.conf
> that points at /dev/sysmouse and one that points at /dev/ums0, and I'm
> having no luck here.  My brand-new 1680x1050 monitor 'just works',
> surprisingly!  I didn't even have to do the ModeLine in the handbook
> until I made a new xorg.conf file.

If it works on the console, /dev/sysmouse aught to be the right one. Please 
post the InputDevice section for your mouse.

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