mouse works on console, not in Xorg

Steve Franks stevefranks at
Wed Feb 20 15:52:08 UTC 2008

I thought my mouse was toast, until I ctrl-alt-F2'd back to a console,
and it works fine there.  I don't see this covered in the handbook.
I've got two other FreeBSD systems: one 6.3 and one 7.0-RC1, and with
both of those you plug the usb mouse in and 'it just works'.  I've
tried the new system with both no xorg.conf, as well as an xorg.conf
that points at /dev/sysmouse and one that points at /dev/ums0, and I'm
having no luck here.  My brand-new 1680x1050 monitor 'just works',
surprisingly!  I didn't even have to do the ModeLine in the handbook
until I made a new xorg.conf file.


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