DJ500 dead after >= 16 years.

David Kelly dkelly at
Wed Feb 20 15:35:56 UTC 2008

On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 12:02:25AM -0800, Gary Kline wrote:
> 	Nutshell, I'd like anyone's ideas/experiences with some of these 
> 	new HP/<<< or whateverbrand>>> printers. I wouldn't *mind* if I
> 	could scan in text from a techy paper into HTML or PDF or text.
> 	But mostly, like 99.44%  plain black text.  My old deskjet used
> 	gs as a filter to print PostScript.  Do we have any such plugin
> 	support, or are printers still roll-your-own?  [FWIW, I can't
> 	seem to get CUPS working...  altho it maay be my misssing
> 	/dev/lpt0.]

I have been pleased with my purchase of a Brother HL-5250DN several years
ago. Was $250 at the time, usually can be found on sale now for under
$200. Refurbished HL-5240's under $100.

This is a 30 ppm (rated) laser with ethernet, USB, HPL-6 and Brother's
Postscript-3 clone. Also prints duplex. 3rd party toner refills are $20
for roughly 7,000 pages. Drum is rated at 25,000 pages. If it doesn't
last that long a new or refurbished printer is cheaper than a
replacement drum.

Have fond memories of old HP-4000N, HP-4050N, and HP-5000N printers but
nothing used was available as inexpensive as the Brother was. The
Brother is better suited for my uses as its very quick to warm up from
sleep, maybe as fast as my DJ-990.

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