DJ500 dead after >= 16 years.

Erik Cederstrand erik at
Wed Feb 20 08:25:44 UTC 2008

Gary Kline wrote:
> 	Nutshell, I'd like anyone's ideas/experiences with some of these 
> 	new HP/<<< or whateverbrand>>> printers. I wouldn't *mind* if I
> 	could scan in text from a techy paper into HTML or PDF or text.
> 	But mostly, like 99.44%  plain black text.  My old deskjet used
> 	gs as a filter to print PostScript.  Do we have any such plugin
> 	support, or are printers still roll-your-own?  [FWIW, I can't
> 	seem to get CUPS working...  altho it maay be my misssing
> 	/dev/lpt0.]

I suggest getting a network printer. Most of them support the IPP
printing protocol, and if it eats PostScript then it's pretty much
guaranteed to work on every operating system under the sun. Saves you
from fiddling with drivers for FreeBSD and setting up CUPS.


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