We've discounted the freebsdnewbie.com domain name for you...

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at msu.edu
Tue Feb 19 16:06:41 UTC 2008

On Tue, Feb 19, 2008 at 10:08:16AM +0000, Ken Palm wrote:

I doubt that anyone on this list wants to do any business
with a domeain name ripoff clod.  So, go harrass some less
knowledgeable victim!


>    We've discounted the [1]freebsdnewbie.com domain name for you...
>    Over the last few days, I've sent you a few emails about the
>    domain name [2]freebsdnewbie.com.
>    At this point I have to ask you... Are you going to just "settle"
>    for the .net or .org for you domain name when you the .com version
>    right here for the taking?
>    Since you own the .net or .org version of the domain, I was pretty
>    certain you'd want the preferred ".com" version.
>    [3]freebsdnewbie.com was previously priced at $257, but I have some
>    great
>    news for you. As part of a very limited marketing test, I've
>    decided to discount our inventory of domain names for just 24
>    hours.
>    You can use the following special "Offer Code" in the secure form
>    at our site to save $50 on [4]freebsdnewbie.com (the domain name that
>    you really wanted).
>    That's a huge savings.
>    You do have to act right away though... because this offer is only
>    good for the next 24 hours.
>    Your Special Discount "Offer Code" is:
>    Here's the Secure Link: [5]Click Here For Your Special Pricing On
>    freebsdnewbie.com
>    https://secure.securethatdomain.com/buy3.php?domain=freebsdnewbie.com
>    This is a one time investment, that you'll get to benefit from for
>    years to come!
>    Ken Palm
>    ken at securethatdomain.com
>    tel: 563.823.4644
>    iTime Marketing, Inc
>    322 N. Main Street
>    Davenport, IA 52801
>    The above message is an ad
>    [6]http://www.securethatdomain.com/mailer/unsubscribe.php?Email=questi
>    ons at FreeBSD.org
> References
>    1. https://secure.securethatdomain.com/buy.php?domain=freebsdnewbie.com&type=3&tld=org&flags=sp
>    2. https://secure.securethatdomain.com/buy.php?domain=freebsdnewbie.com&type=3&tld=org&flags=sp
>    3. https://secure.securethatdomain.com/buy.php?domain=freebsdnewbie.com&type=3&tld=org&flags=sp
>    4. https://secure.securethatdomain.com/buy.php?domain=freebsdnewbie.com&type=3&tld=org&flags=sp
>    5. https://secure.securethatdomain.com/buy.php?domain=freebsdnewbie.com&type=3&tld=org&flags=sp
>    6. http://www.securethatdomain.com/mailer/unsubscribe.php?Email=questions@FreeBSD.org
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