We've discounted the freebsdnewbie.com domain name for you...

Ken Palm ken at securethatdomain.com
Tue Feb 19 10:22:33 UTC 2008

   We've discounted the [1]freebsdnewbie.com domain name for you...
   Over the last few days, I've sent you a few emails about the
   domain name [2]freebsdnewbie.com.
   At this point I have to ask you... Are you going to just "settle"
   for the .net or .org for you domain name when you the .com version
   right here for the taking?
   Since you own the .net or .org version of the domain, I was pretty
   certain you'd want the preferred ".com" version.
   [3]freebsdnewbie.com was previously priced at $257, but I have some
   news for you. As part of a very limited marketing test, I've
   decided to discount our inventory of domain names for just 24
   You can use the following special "Offer Code" in the secure form
   at our site to save $50 on [4]freebsdnewbie.com (the domain name that
   you really wanted).
   That's a huge savings.
   You do have to act right away though... because this offer is only
   good for the next 24 hours.
   Your Special Discount "Offer Code" is:
   Here's the Secure Link: [5]Click Here For Your Special Pricing On
   This is a one time investment, that you'll get to benefit from for
   years to come!
   Ken Palm
   ken at securethatdomain.com
   tel: 563.823.4644
   iTime Marketing, Inc
   322 N. Main Street
   Davenport, IA 52801

   The above message is an ad

   ons at FreeBSD.org


   1. https://secure.securethatdomain.com/buy.php?domain=freebsdnewbie.com&type=3&tld=org&flags=sp
   2. https://secure.securethatdomain.com/buy.php?domain=freebsdnewbie.com&type=3&tld=org&flags=sp
   3. https://secure.securethatdomain.com/buy.php?domain=freebsdnewbie.com&type=3&tld=org&flags=sp
   4. https://secure.securethatdomain.com/buy.php?domain=freebsdnewbie.com&type=3&tld=org&flags=sp
   5. https://secure.securethatdomain.com/buy.php?domain=freebsdnewbie.com&type=3&tld=org&flags=sp
   6. http://www.securethatdomain.com/mailer/unsubscribe.php?Email=questions@FreeBSD.org

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