Get the empty space on a file system

Olivier Nicole on at
Tue Feb 19 08:43:26 UTC 2008

> > 2) knowing the file system from 1), how to check the remaining space
> >    in the file system?
> You normally just start writing and deal with the errors that come from full 
> file systems when they show up. The C functions set errno accordingly.
> The reason is that the system lies about the remainig space. Weather there 
> is any space left you may use, depends on the user you're running your 
> program as. It would be kinda stupid if your program didn't work because the 
> disk was full, even when you're running as root and are permitted to use the 
> remaining safety space (8% by default).

In my case, I am writing log files, so I would start with removing
older logs to make space for the newer ones.

That is why I refer to know before hand how much space is available,
to allow some cleaning, rather than waiting for a problem.

It seems that statfs is the answer.



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