rc.diskless2 on FreeBSD 6.2

Andrew Von Cid andrew at accid.net
Mon Feb 18 11:48:36 UTC 2008


I'm currently setting up a system that runs off a compact flash disk.
I'd like to have memory filesystems for /var, /tmp & /dev to minimise
the amount of writes to the cf.

I read an article[1] that recommends the use of /etc/rc.diskless2,
however I don't have /etc/rc.diskless2 on 6.3 nor on 5.4, 6.1, 6.2 or
7.0.  I guess it must have been removed somewhere around 5.x

Is there an alternative script in newer versions of FreeBSD?

I can create the mfs partitions in fstab and write a simple script that
will populate them with the necessary files on boot.  However this seems
like more work than using something standard like rc.diskless2.  

Many thanks,


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