Still looking for a calendar server...

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On Monday 18 February 2008, Ted Mittelstaedt said:
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> > I'm currently looking into bedework now- it seems ideal, but
> > getting tomcat to work with apache is becoming a challenge. I'm
> > using mod_jk but it doesn't appear to be cooperating yet.
> >
> > What is your experience in building apache modules? The problem
> > is mainly in the mod_dav_acl module which needs xattr.h. I'm
> > wondering if we can "borrow" the headers from another source.
> You can borrow whatever headers you need to get the code to
> compile. You may find that it would work a lot better though if you
> change the xattr.h include to:
> include <sys/extattr.h>
> The problem will be in the link stage.  If the libraries that you
> have linked in do not contain the functions that are defined in
> xattr.h then you will get link failures.
> However I don't really understand why your having problems.  The
> SF page for this, here:
> claims:
> "Operating System: All POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes)"
> This would indicate a configure script that understands
> FreeBSD is present.  It sounds to me like you are not
> following the instructions included with the mod_dav_acl module
> to build it properly.  What exactly are you doing?  Could you
> post the steps your going through to build this?
> I had thought Mirosoft deprecated all the webdav stuff in
> future IIS servers - maybe there is a lack of interest in the
> industry now?
> Ted

He also might want to look at Horde. You can install from 
www/horde-meta and choose the kronolith module. 

From their website:

"The Kronolith calendar provides a robust web-based calendar for any 
number of users or groups, with the ability to show any number of 
calendars in a single overlaid view. Users can create any number of 
calendars and grant read, edit, or full permissions to any user, 
group, or any combination thereof."


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