Still looking for a calendar server...

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> I'm currently looking into bedework now- it seems ideal, but getting
> tomcat to work with apache is becoming a challenge. I'm using mod_jk but
> it doesn't appear to be cooperating yet.
> What is your experience in building apache modules? The problem is
> mainly in the mod_dav_acl module which needs xattr.h. I'm wondering if
> we can "borrow" the headers from another source.

You can borrow whatever headers you need to get the code to compile.
You may find that it would work a lot better though if you
change the xattr.h include to:

include <sys/extattr.h>

The problem will be in the link stage.  If the libraries that you
have linked in do not contain the functions that are defined in
xattr.h then you will get link failures.

However I don't really understand why your having problems.  The
SF page for this, here:


"Operating System: All POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes)"

This would indicate a configure script that understands
FreeBSD is present.  It sounds to me like you are not
following the instructions included with the mod_dav_acl module
to build it properly.  What exactly are you doing?  Could you
post the steps your going through to build this?

I had thought Mirosoft deprecated all the webdav stuff in
future IIS servers - maybe there is a lack of interest in the
industry now?


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