Still looking for a calendar server...

Jan-Hendrik Zab jan.h.zab at
Mon Feb 18 23:54:30 UTC 2008

On Mon, 18 Feb 2008 02:21:44 +0000
Da Rock <rock_on_the_web at> wrote:

> I've brought this up before, I know, but I need a caldav server that
> will work with evolution. I've checked out Darwin Calendar Server,
> but they are not going to solve an issue (as of 2006) that means
> evolution can't use it, and evolution won't budge either- so a
> mexican stand-off and I'm caught in the middle (probably with others).

I'm currently looking for a caldav/calendar server myself. There are
actually quite a few, but I guess a lot won't met your specific
requirements. To name a few:

 - bedework
 - davical
 - zimbra
 - cosmo

 - horde
 - phpcalendar

Bedework seems to be a nice choice, I haven't found a way to integrate
tomcat into LDAP yet. But I'm not familiar with tomcat, so that's to be
expected. Davical doesn't seem to care about the access rights I
configured in the web interface, a bug I guess.

> So that brings me back to the Apache module under construction
> (mod_caldav), but nothing seems to be happening with it. I've
> requested support on the forum their at sourceforge, but I have had
> no response for over a week, and no responses have been issued since
> april 2006.

I didn't know that such a module existed, I'll look into it! :)

	Jan-Hendrik Zab

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