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>> I've brought this up before, I know, but I need a caldav server that will work with evolution. I've checked out Darwin Calendar Server, but they are not going to solve an issue (as of 2006) that means evolution can't use it, and evolution won't budge either- so a mexican stand-off and I'm caught in the middle (probably with others).
> You could try Bedework and see if that fits
> with what you want. However, it requires Java Web container to live
> in.
> Cheers.
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It looks almost perfect, but once again I have been stumbled. I need to setup tomcat to get it working, and tomcat is now installed, but the apache connector is the tough point again- I'm trying to install mod_webapp as per instructions here (, but the port breaks with missing includes.

It appears FreeBSD just doesn't want to be a calendar server! I am chasing either the developer or another poor soul trying to get the mod_dav_acl (which is required by mod_caldav) to work on anything other than linux. Once this hurdle is worked out then the caldav module might work very well.

As for bedework I'll keep on that track- I have to get somewhere eventually! One way or the other....

At the end I'll post the result, and maybe I'll work on a port or something.
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