Fwd: [ Unable to compile sysutils/e2fsprogs ]

Wael Nasreddine mla at nasreddine.com
Thu Feb 14 02:20:22 UTC 2008

Hello, I have sent this email to freebsd-ports but I haven't got an
answer could you please help me out, I need e2fsprogs because I have 3
External HDDs (USB, a 160, 500 and 750 Gb) and they are ext3 ( The
reason that they are ext3 not UFS or other, is because They are USB
Hdds, and I sometime connect them to a Linux or Windows box, and ext3
works nicely on windows using http://www.fs-driver.org/ if you know
something better please do tell me...

Please don't forget to read the forwarded message below which is what
this e-mail is all about lol.

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> From: Wael Nasreddine <mla at nasreddine.com>
> Subject: Unable to compile sysutils/e2fsprogs
> To: freebsd-ports at freebsd.org
> Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 03:05:52 +0100
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> Hello,

> I'm having a problem installing e2fsprogs, as you can see in the build
> log[1] there's something wrong with the headers...

> Thank you.

> [1]: http://nopaste.nasreddine.com/64acab1275.html

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