Promise RAID array and mounting questions

Daniel Eriksson daniel_k_eriksson at
Tue Feb 12 19:13:22 UTC 2008

Trevor Hearn wrote:

> I can see the promise array, it shows us as DA0. The problem 
> is what is
> listed in the Dmesg stream shows the right amount of storage 
> space on the
> array, but when I use sysinstall, I cannot mount that space 
> as the full
> volume. I don't know if I am missing information on what to put for
> geometry, but anything I put does not get accepted as usable.

You will not be able to use sysinstall for this, the array is too big.
You should use gpt instead.

Do you want the entire array as one partition?
# gpt create /dev/da0
# gpt add /dev/da0
# newfs -O2 -U /dev/da0p1  (or 'newfs -O2 -U -i 524288 /dev/da0p1' if
you have mostly multi-megabyte files)

If you want multiple partitions you will have to pass a size (in
sectors) as a parameter to 'gpt add'.

Beware that you might not be able to fsck the filesystem because of its
size. I'm not sure how well gjournal handles fsck of large filesystems.
Personally I'm going with ZFS for my next large array (8x750GB).

/Daniel Eriksson

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