cups printing with command-line lpr apps (i.e. enscript)

Michael Ross michael.ross at
Tue Feb 12 16:39:18 UTC 2008

Am 12.02.2008, 17:29 Uhr, schrieb Steve Franks <stevefranks at>:

> I get the following:
>> nenscript "a.cpp"
> lpr: Unable to connect to /var/run/printer: No such file or directory
> lpr: Check to see if the master 'lpd' process is running.
> jobs queued, but cannot start daemon.
>> Exit code: 0
> How do I bolt that up to cups?

Maybe you ran into the same thing as I did a few days ago:

Cups comes with its own lpr, /usr/local/bin/lpr.
The apps try the base system lpr in /usb/bin.

You may have to adjust your $PATH to have /usr/local/bin first,
or backup /usr/bin/lpr and ln -s /usr/local/bin/lpr /usr/bin/lpr
Last method has to be repeated after any installworld.


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