what happened to linuxflashplugin?

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>> And I agree wholeheartedly with both sentiments here. I design sites which I hope will reach 98% of the web, including disability access, and will be at least readable to browser that might not display content correctly. I think its a sham how a lot of web design companies- particularly here in Australia- who take the "easy" way out and design poorly based on statistics and familiar tools.
> i don't think australia is any different than any other place.

Thats very possible.

> the problem is not how popular IE is, but how to make pages readable to 
> everybody.
> that's what HTML was invented for.

Unfortunately, web designers and some clients don't think that way- meanwhile they miss out on valuable clientele (Like ME!).

> include link to www.anybrowser.org on your pages :)

Mind you I'm building clients sites this way, as well as my own. The link looks good, but is there a way for me to get as many browsers and platforms to check my pages for errors? I have access to windows (maybe not for much longer, although I may use vmware to solve that) and linux and BSD. I need to check safari and mac, plus others. Any ideas? Anybody with a platform that can check it out for me maybe?
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