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> > > I just ran pkg_libchk -m piped to a file but looks pretty 
> > > confusing, is there a way to get only the output for the lines 
> > > containing /usr/local/lib/

> > Umm... why not
> > $ grep filename
> > ...or pipe your output through grep in the first place, e.g.
> > pkg_libchk -m | grep

> Yes I do know how to do that but what I really wanted is how to send 
> the output directly into a file and not to the terminal.  I used the > 
> [filename] next to the above command but I get the file without the 
> grep effect, another words I get everything as if I ran just 
> pkg_libchk -m with the grep option.

So you did
$ pkg_libchk -m | grep > filename
...and got lines in filename that don't contain ''? If 
so, that makes no sense whatsoever. You may have larger issues here.

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