pxeboot, TFTP only, NFS MOUNT RPC error: 60, timeout

Erik Norgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Fri Feb 8 09:01:22 UTC 2008

Rek Jed wrote:

> I also tried building it like that:
> # cd /usr/src/sys/boot
> This builds fine.  I copied it to my jumpstart server and it booted from
> tftp after approx 2 min. pause and the "NFS MOUNT RPC error: 60".  Can
> anyone tell me whats the difference between -DLOADER_TFTP_SUPPORT=YES

OK, two things remain: Are you sure that it doesn't correctly fetch the 
kernel with tftp and then the kernel tries to mount a root device with nfs?

If the kernel is compiled with the slightest mention of nfs as root 
device it will use nfs, no matter that you have specified otherwise in 
loader.conf. The generic kernel has NFS_ROOT and NFS_CLIENT, since your 
root device is not NFS then you can leave out both. I recall having 
problems leaving in NFS_CLIENT although NFS_ROOT was not included.

Second, the loader is ignorant of which version of FreeBSD you use, it 
will just load whichever kernel you throw at it. I have a loader I used
for 6.1, http://www.locolomo.org/pub/pxeboot/jumpstart.tgz

Hope this helps. If you find any errors or things that have changed 
since I worked with this, let me know and I will update the howto.

Cheers, Erik

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