pxeboot, TFTP only, NFS MOUNT RPC error: 60, timeout

Erik Cederstrand erik at cederstrand.dk
Fri Feb 8 07:45:11 UTC 2008

Rek Jed skrev:
> I've been playing with thinbsd (http://www.thinbsd.org/) a while back.
> It also boots from tftp without nfs and their boot loader works fine
> (boots straight away).  Latest thinbsd is based on 5.4 so maybe it broke
> in 6.x?  For a workaround I used pxeboot from thinbsd with my 6.3
> jumpstart setup and it seems to work fine.  However this is quite dirty.

I agree that building a boot loader for TFTP should work on current 
sources, but what makes you think using an old boot loader is dirty? 
It's just a utility to load a kernel from the network. It's not like it 
will affect your system when it's installed.

Erik (Cederstrand)

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