Desktop Performance Tuning?

RW fbsd06 at
Thu Feb 7 01:27:02 UTC 2008

On Wed, 6 Feb 2008 15:45:14 -0800
"Eli Scott" <havok173 at> wrote:

> I recently installed FreeBSD 7.0 RC-1 on my hobby system,
> performance seems to degrade whenever i'm compiling
> things (like, performing a buildworld, installing from ports, etc)
> which manifests itself as considerable lag in standard desktop
> operations,

I've noticed this too, it always used to be the case that building
didn't make all that much difference to desktop use, but now it make a
severe difference. Nice helps, but it only makes the
problem intermittent. I've tried changing the scheduler to ULE, and
disabling SMP, but it didn't help.

There have been threads on the stable list about jerky  mouse
performance, which may be part of this, but I have really followed it
closely. I'm also wondering whether this might be due to some xorg or
other port change from late 2007 that I only noticed when I started
doing a lot of rebuilding under 7-stable.


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