Desktop Performance Tuning?

Eli Scott havok173 at
Thu Feb 7 00:11:34 UTC 2008

Hey Everyone,
I wasn't sure if -questions or -tuning would be a better place for this
question, so i thought i'd start general and work up the ladder of
specificity if you all think it would be more appropriate.

I recently installed FreeBSD 7.0 RC-1 on my hobby system, and so far i think
it's pretty awesome.  I've been using FreeBSD pretty solidly as a unix
hobbyist for the past 7 years or so, and this definitely seems like one of
the best releases i've played with in a long time.  I do have one concern
though.  While idle desktop performance is smooth as silk, performance seems
to degrade whenever i'm compiling things (like, performing a buildworld,
installing from ports, etc) which manifests itself as considerable lag in
standard desktop operations, like browsing the web, chatting on pidgin, etc.
 I've experienced this before in past releases, but never really thought
much of it, and for the most part ignored it.  However, it's my
understanding that this release is supposed to be the fastest release yet on
the post-4.x code base.  I'm assuming there's got to be some system
tune-ables that I can play with to eek out the most performance i can for
desktop-related applications.  Most of the resources i've looked at online
seem to be mainly focused on server performance.  Do any of you know of any
resources that can lead me down the right path to Daemonly desktop bliss?


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