alt-64 in kde (@)

Sdävtaker sdavtaker at
Mon Feb 4 22:50:34 UTC 2008

Hey, I just got a bunch of weird users in the local net, Im running FBSD 
6.2 in every PC.
They asking me "why i got no @?" so I was doing some research for  
acouple of days.
Using US keyboard layout  i found the that  hitting shift+2 got me a @, 
using spanish layout hit altgr+2 got me a @ using latin american hit 
altgr+q got me  a @...
So... I was thinking why i can do it and this 5-6 users cant? Then... I 
sit right to them and watched... They hit alt+64 from numpad like an old 
DOS user -.- and they thinking "windows is better because got @ in 
alt+64, why we using this weird OS?". My first tough was: "come on, its 
in the key with the big @ symbol, hit the damn key!!!", later was, "I 
will kill these stupid monkey I told them like 1000 times, hit the right 
key combo!!!". Now im tired enough, so...
Someone know a why to make alt+64 print a @ in the open program? They 
just use KDE, KATE, KMail and Firefox -.-

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