7.0RC1 - more panics, hardware?

Drew Sanford lauasanf at wilderness.homeip.net
Sun Feb 3 06:25:19 PST 2008

Ok guys, frustrating one here. I installed 7.0RC1 on the system that 
I've been trying to make into my new server (it's a home thing, natd, 
email, apache, mysql, firewall, you know, fun stuff) and it has now 
failed catastrophically twice. The first time I was convinced it was the 
hard drive. This time though, I'm not. All of this hardware *tests* ok, 
that means memtest, seatools, etc find no problems with the hardware. 
But this hardware has been around for a while.

What I'm looking for is an opinion - I watch the lists, and I've seen a 
few other page faults and trap 12's etc, but it looks like as a whole, 
people have having pretty good luck with 7.0RC1. Is there certain 
hardware I should look out for with 7.0, for instance, I have a nic 
using the re driver - is that ok? I know I can panic my desktop (6.2) 
using the nve card in it.

One thing I have to point out is, I've had strange things come up on the 
console with this machine - USB errors for instance. And there is 
absolutely nothing USB hooked up to this machine, although it does have 
USB hardware.

Bottom line:
Do I keep exactly the same hardware, and try 6.3?
Do just get new hardware (hey, lets face it, hardware is cheap, 
especially when all I need is a box to sit there and run with two nic's 
in it, a console output and a cd drive).
Is there anything in particular anyone would like me to try with this 
system before I take it out back and shoot it?

(seriously, current state:) The server boots, and miraculously enough, 
it routes internet traffic to the rest of my network. However, it's 
hosed it's file system but good, which is what it did last time too - 
trying to log into the console results in:

/usr/bin/login: No such file or directory.

I've booted in single user mode and fsck'd it. I'm certain that at most, 
it's hanging on by a thread.

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