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Leonid Satanovsky at
Sat Feb 2 06:11:33 PST 2008

Hi there!

(1) You MAY TRY Frenzy [ ] FreeBSD LiveCD 
distribution for the task.
I didn't, but, I think, it MAY help you. )

(2) I failed to do thing like this from the FreeBSD CD in FixIt mode... 
It said something like "not enough space (on a memory filesystem)",
*as I remember*.

(3) My way:
I first install a minimal distribution of FreeBSD on a new machine, then
do something like
# cd / && gunzip -c /mnt/remote_storage/old_host_root.dmp.gz | restore 
-ruf -
# shutdown now
# exit (or <ctrl> + <D>)

Good luck!

Fira wrote:
> Hi list,
> I want to migrate one of my server (machine A) into another (machine B). My
> choice is using 'dump' and 'restore'. I've dumped all of my filesystem into
> third machine (machine C)  over ssh. All went fine.
> Then, I want to restore it into machine B. This machine is newly fresh, no
> freebsd inside. My plan is restore the dump file into it by using installer
> CD. I use the cd/dvd fixit mode. At this time, my confusion begun. To
> restore it,  I need to create the slice.  I  did 'fdisk' and 'disklabel'
> from sysinstall. But it failed. I followed tutorial from
> [of course with some
> adjustment], but I still failed.
> My question is, how is the right way to do the restore in a system that
> hasn't been installed with freebsd at all? From what I get in google, every
> restore example is done on a system that has been installed an OS.
> Thanks a lot guys!
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