Question about restore

Fira muarwi at
Sat Feb 2 05:28:39 PST 2008

Hi list,

I want to migrate one of my server (machine A) into another (machine B). My
choice is using 'dump' and 'restore'. I've dumped all of my filesystem into
third machine (machine C)  over ssh. All went fine.
Then, I want to restore it into machine B. This machine is newly fresh, no
freebsd inside. My plan is restore the dump file into it by using installer
CD. I use the cd/dvd fixit mode. At this time, my confusion begun. To
restore it,  I need to create the slice.  I  did 'fdisk' and 'disklabel'
from sysinstall. But it failed. I followed tutorial from [of course with some
adjustment], but I still failed.

My question is, how is the right way to do the restore in a system that
hasn't been installed with freebsd at all? From what I get in google, every
restore example is done on a system that has been installed an OS.

Thanks a lot guys!

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