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Fri Feb 1 17:27:17 PST 2008

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> Hi. I recently purchased a HDD from a man that runs a data center,
> and on this HDD is FreeBSD. My problem is I want it off, and for some
> ungodly reason, it keeps coming back. I cant format the drive with
> Windows, and I cant load it as a slave to format, either. Any help
> would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - M White Black and White
> Computer Repair

Ensure that the jumpers are set correctly and or is in the proper
cable pattern (if using CS) if you intend on using it as a slave for
Windows (XP I assume) Once that is done, WindowsXP has no issues seeing
the drive but must be formatted. 

Here again, WindowsXP (assuming) can and will reformat a drive that has
been used by FreeBSD.

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