Squid3.0 missing something with pf transparent proxy.

eculp eculp at encontacto.net
Fri Feb 1 15:23:51 PST 2008

I haven't been using squid since version 2.5.  I just built a new 3.0  
and did a very basic configuration that works fine configuring the  
prefs -> advanced -> network and adding the host and port but when I  
use the pf redirect it seems to not get the url parsing right for some  
reason.  I put http://www.google.com and see
1201906217.304      0 NONE/400 1809 GET /google.com/ -  
NONE/- text/html
1201906217.466      0 NONE/400 1809 GET /favicon.ico -  
NONE/- text/html
in the squid access.log rather than http:://www.google.com.and the  
screen shows:

The pf redirect, etc is working fine, /dev/pf has squid as the group  
with rw perms, I have no idea where to look.  I've got the idea that I  
must have missed something in the 3.0 configuration.

Does anyone have it working and could you give me a hint or maybe  
share your squid.conf that works, just the diffs from the  



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