inetd.conf entry for saned?

stan stanb at
Wed Dec 31 21:25:22 UTC 2008

I seem to be having an inrdinate amount of trouble getting a working
inetd.conf entry for saned on 7.1 

If I run saned from the command line, I can connect and scan. But I cannot
seem to amke it work from inetd Here is what I have:

sane-port  stream  tcp  nowait          saned    /usr/local/sbin/saned saned

Yes, I created a user for saned. although I am suprsied that the port did
not do that. When I start inetd with the -d flag, I get:

black# inetd -d
ADD : sane-port proto=tcp accept=1 max=0 user=saned
group=(null)class=daemon builtin=0x0 server=/usr/local/sbin/saned policy=""
inetd: sane-port/tcp: ipsec initialization failed; in entrust
inetd: sane-port/tcp: ipsec initialization failed; out entrust
inetd: enabling sane-port, fd 4
inetd: registered /usr/local/sbin/saned on 4

What file do I add this line to?

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