Dell 1950 RAID 1 Drives.

Keith kwoody at
Wed Dec 31 20:21:33 UTC 2008

Have the above server, drive 0 failed. No onsite spares left. Ordered
replacement drives a week ago but they are still on route and wont be here
till Jan 5 or 6.

All I have is a test server of the same make/model in my test rack
configured and running a slightly different version of FBSD.

If I pull a drive from this test server that is already configured to a
RAID contoller and put it into the server with the bad drive, how will
the machine deal with it as it already has a valid config on it? Will I
just be able to go to the RAID Bios and rebuild?

Or wipe the config on the test server so the drive has no config on it
before installing it into the server with the failed drive?

Are the SAS drives in a Dell 1950 hot swap by chance?

Have not had a drive go like this with no spares around before.


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