strange fsck results

Derek Ragona derek at
Sat Dec 27 17:00:30 UTC 2008

At 12:37 PM 12/26/2008, reese at wrote:
>I am running FreeBSD 6.3 as a VMware virtual server and am getting some
>strange results when I run fsck.  When I run it in multi-user mode I get
>quite a few UNREF FILE errors but when I switch to single user mode
>fsck does not find any errors.  Is this something I need to worry about
>and if it is how might I try to get fsck to repair them?
>Charlie Reese

You need to give a bit more information:  Are you running your VM under esx 
server or workstation?  What is your filesystem layout under freebsd.  What 
is the underlying server and disks you are running vmware on?


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