SMP and ACPI problem ??

Alain G. Fabry alainfabry at
Thu Dec 25 16:39:52 UTC 2008


To make a long story short....everything worked fine on my system (7.0-RELEASE FreeBSD). Last night I was updating stuff on my windoswXP guess (under qemu) and performed a clean shutdown. 
This morning, after bringing back up my system it has been unbearably slow. Without doing anyting to FreeBSD, it suddenly started working in SMP mode -> recognizing my 2 processors. Before, it never did this...and looking at the speed it is going now, I'm happy it didn't.

After googling a bit, I tried to disable ACPI in order to fall back to single processor mode, but my system keeps acting up like it never did before. Very slow booting and KDM/KDE loading. Once up it's ok until I run a portupgrade or such.

1. What are some suggestions as to make it run 'normal' again?

2. Is it possible to make it actually run better in SMP mode?

3. Can my updates on the Qemu WindowsXP host make my FreeBSD system suddenly recognize the 2nd CPU? -> this doesn't make sense to me but that's the only thing I worked on last night.

I hope I can get some pointers as to what could have caused this and what I can do to get it back to the way it was.

Thanks in advance,


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