porting problem....

Gary Kline kline at thought.org
Sat Dec 20 20:32:42 UTC 2008

	Guys, thanks to an unnamed firm studio I've got a database of some nature
	that isn't supposed to be given away.  It worked fine until version 5 or
	6.  I couldn't figure it out and quit using it favor of other free or
	[ick] web services--- the web stuff delayed me for up to minutes.  My
	local copy was immediate and i could get on with my writing.

	I thought it might be that the offset into the database had changed.
	But now i don't think so.  i just changed this ancient, pre 90's,
	def from off_t to long.  same problem.

	Here is my printout from minutes ago.  it's the same as when this failed
	several years ago.

	Why I'm using this as a database rather than some public is that the way
	my syllabic database program is written, it depends on THIS (copuright)

	// error output:

       /usr/local/src/ :cwfoobarwebster/src
findWord(FILE *f =(05005707040), char *word = [look])
./def can't find 'look'
offt = (-1)

	whether out off_t or long/int, I'm still reaching FAR, FAR into the
	FILE *f quite far.

	I never dug into the code until a few years ago when it broke on
	recompile.  it's ugly, ugly, *Ugly* code, probably hacked in a day.
	You wouldn't believe ...

	if anybody is out there who thinks he can help and has time,
	let's take this off-list.  i don't want the
	CIA/NSAFBI/B*sh to have me extraordinarily renditioned......

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