FreeBSD 7 load hangs on boot

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Thu Dec 18 00:58:46 UTC 2008

Polytropon wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Dec 2008 06:24:17 -0800 (PST), ThinkDifferently
> <Jeremy at> wrote:
>> Anyway, what is this atapicam option.  How is it implemented, from the
>> loader prompt, editing the iso, or what?  BTW, how would one edit the
>> iso?
> The atapicam facility can either be loaded as a module via
> kld_load (or put into /boot/loader.conf as atapicam_load="YES")
> or compiled into a custom kernel.
> The effect is that, when atapicam is loaded, ATA(PI) devices
> can be accessed as if they were SCSI devices. Your install
> devlice would then be /dev/cd0 (instead of /dev/acd0), using
> "SCSI commands" to access the ATAPI drive (this is what atapicam
> "translates").

Well, one thing's for sure.  This really isn't a CD/DVD boot problem. 
Booting from USB is no different.

I will add regarding my previous post about trying to load the driver using
the "Windows method" seems kind of pointless.  After reading up on it
further, it seems that all it's doing is loading the driver into Windows
during the install process.  It's not actually effecting the hardware
any...but I could be wrong.
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