FreeBSD 7 load hangs on boot

ThinkDifferently Jeremy at
Wed Dec 17 19:47:23 UTC 2008

Steve Bertrand-2 wrote:
> ThinkDifferently wrote:
>>> ...some more interesting errors from bootup...
>>> hptrr: HPT RocketRAID controller driver v1.1 (Feb 24 2008 10:34:18) 
>>> :confused:
>>> acpi0: <052008 RSDT1050> on motherboard
>>> acpi0: [ITHREAD]
>>> acpi0: Power Button (fixed)
>>> acpi0: reservation of free00000, 1000 (3) failed
>>> acpi0: reservation of 0, a0000 (3) failed
>>> acpi0: reservation of 100000, c7f00000 (3) failed
> AFAIK, your RocketRAID should be picked up by the 'twe' driver.

RocketRAID ???  :confused:

So, there is quite a bit of confusion going on here.  My motherboard is the
It is AMD64 using the NVIDIA chipset.  Its manual states that it has the
NVIDIA NForce Storage Controller, and there is absolutely no mention of
RocketRAID anywhere in the manual or on MSI's web site.

MSI mentions...
6 SATA II (1~6) ports by NVIDIA® GeForce 8200 Series
SATAII 1~6 support RAID 0/1/0+1/5 or JBOD mode by NVIDIA® GeForce 8200

RocketRAID appears to be a type of PCI card RAID controller, which I don't

I'm very confused why FreeBSD uses the "HPT RocketRAID controller driver
v1.1" on boot.

Also, isn't the NVIDIA chipset supposed to be supported by FreeBSD?

I have a USB boot of FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE.  I put hptrr_load="YES" in the
/boot/loader.conf file.  But, I haven't tried it yet (I'm at work at the
moment).  Is there anything else to try?

What about getting FreeBSD to not use RocketRAID?  Shouldn't it be loading a
driver for NForce?
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