Publishing information via DNS

DAve dave.list at
Wed Dec 17 19:19:28 UTC 2008

Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>> Someone needs to invent and promote a 
>> TextualDatagramPublicationProtocol or TDPP because DNS has been abused 
>> for publishing non DNS data for too long. Continuing to use DNS for 
>> things it was never intended to do will only cloud the issue and delay 
>> implementation when the internet decides to take DNS security seriously.
> where do you see security issue of that? except that someone voluntarily 
> publish his/her private data this way - but it won't be DNS security 
> problem but his/her problem

I can see the DNS system changing in order to provide needed security, 
and the process/protocol being delayed or muddied because of possible 
interference with SpamAssassin channel publication, or ClamAV update 
publication, or SPF, or whatever is next chosen to piggy back onto DNS.

DNS is the lifeblood of the internet, without it nothing works. DNS 
should not be the open pipe everyone throws their excess baggage into.

Just my thoughts. I won't argue the point with those who want to use DNS 
text records for broadcasting when their Flicker account has new puppy 


The whole internet thing is sucking the life out of me,
there ain't no pony in there.

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