power management

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Wed Dec 17 01:11:38 PST 2008

On Tuesday 16 December 2008 00:23:17 prad wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Dec 2008 23:20:51 +0100 (CET)
> Wojciech Puchar <wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl> wrote:
> > IMHO it depends on hardware
> ya that makes sense at least from reading about different cpu state
> descriptions here:
> Everything You Need to Know About the CPU C-States Power Saving Modes
> http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/611
> where they talk about how different cpu's deal with things differently.
> so since the os software can only use these features, possibly some
> have optimized for some hardware, but possibly not for others.

If you're interested in technical details, there's a November thread 
on -mobile that covers quite some ground:


Problem with today's modular software: they start with the modules
    and never get to the software part.

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