power management

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Mon Dec 15 15:39:04 PST 2008

>> Simply - install linux, then FreeBSD on same machine and check it :)
> :D
> ya that's what's important here at least.

anyway - just using hlt instruction greatly reduces CPU power usage even 
at full clock. i don't think the difference is THAT huge by reducing clock 
multipliers, voltage etc.

on my laptop i don't even looked at this, and it works about 2 times 
longer under little CPU load than under full load.

and it has hard drive and display that use power. CPU itself isn't big 
power eater (it's pentium-M 1200).

Of course on "modern" CPUs having >>100W TDP it may make a difference.

> not that i'm concerned, i'm not going back to linux (even though i
> liked it while i used it).

me too - until kernels 2.0.*, then it wasn't usable (stable) anymore.

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