Uptime logging with (maybe) ppp's log functionality

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Mon Dec 15 09:50:32 PST 2008

> I'm going to setup a system with a dial-up modem for sporadic
> Internet access; a provider that charges per second online time
> is used. Is there a way ppp (which is used for dialing) can log
> the online time (or at least the connection's start and stop time)
> so the costs can be calculated?

option a:

simply make a script (say ppp-bill.sh) that will browse through logs and 
search for lines indicating connection and disconnect

option b:

you may put anything to /etc/ppp/ppp.link{up,down} scripts, for example 
linkup could record current time, then linkdown substract it from what 
linkup recorded, multiply by price and you have logged how much each 
connection cost you

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