send performance of rl(4)

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sun Dec 14 17:22:15 PST 2008

> I always found Realtek cards okay because they would work
> everywhere, nearly every OS supported them. But especially
> the RTL8139, if I remember correctly, was so busy generating
> IRQs that it didn't find the time to have a good performance. :-)

but it works very well. in places when there is no high traffic constantly 
i happily use them.

> Maybe Realteks newer models perform better.

at least my gigabit realtek integrated with motherboard was buggy,
disabling hardware checksumming fixed it PARTIALLY.
but still it do locks up every month or so of heavy traffic.

> I'm quite happy with 3Com's and Intel's NICs, I usually give
> away Realtek NICs along with computer systems I built for
> others.

esp. with windows there is not much difference. other os overhead is 
larger than interrupt overhead.

anyway - it's primitive hardware, but WORKING :)

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