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Hi and thanks for your reply.

On Sat, 13 Dec 2008 14:18:23 -0800, "Ted Mittelstaedt" <tedm at toybox.placo.com> wrote:
>   Your not going to find a tool like this under FreeBSD or any
> freeOS that I know of.

So I may conclude: There is no tool x for the following equation:

	cdrdao read-cd / write    x
	---------------------- = ---
	          CD             DVD

>   More and more commercial DVD's are coming these days with copy
> protection on them.  When the video DVD is read as an ISO, the
> reader gets to a certain block in the DVD then commences to
> return errors.

Yes, they're called "Un-DVDs" (alike "Un-CDs") here in Germany,
they're considered intentionally defective or damaged media.

>   I am not sure how the video playing software gets around it
> but I suspect it sends a command to the reader.

There are, at least in regards of SCSI (/dev/cd*) certain
settings that the driver can be set to, how long to wait if
errors occur, or what to do if errors occur (try again, search

>   The only program I know of that reads these is a Windows
> program called DVD Fab.  It's trialware, you can download
> it and run it for a month.  It also gets around the known
> copy protection schemes used in BlueRay which are considerably
> more sophisticated.

There are handy tools that you can use on FreeBSD if, for
example, you're trying to read data from a defective hard
disk, such as dd_rescue. It has certain levels of how to
deal with problems. Something similar is the "paranoia"
setting of cdda2wav in regards of CDs.

>   If you can make an ISO of a video DVD with this program but
> it fails using dd, then your dealing with copy protection.

No, with defectively distributed media. :-)

>   For example rental DVD's of Pirates of the Carribean 3 and
> Clone Wars both have this.  I don't know if the versions you
> buy have this as well, I suspect they don't since my guess is
> someone is getting royalties on this scheme somewhere.

Well, I'm not interested in copying bought DVDs primarily,
simply because they're bigger than the available capacity
of a DVD+/-R. My intention is to read in normal data DVDs
(that, for example, someone else created) in one rush and
then duplicate the content to another DVD. After having
read the replies to my initial question, I think dd will
do this job, so data DVDs and video DVDs (such that have
been mastered in order to be playable in a standalone
DVD player device) should be able to read.

For copying DVDs, there's at least vobcopy.

>   I would love to see someone write some code to get around
> this for use with dd program.

Why not try dd_rescue (or was it ddrescue, they both exist)?

>   Of course, I know your NOT trying to illegally copy commercial
> DVDs so it's not necessary for you to reply with protests.  Heh.

I'm a good guy, I love movie industry, hehe. :-)

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