DVD cloning tool

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Sat Dec 13 14:17:23 PST 2008

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> I'm searching for the same functionality applyable to DVD,
> so I can easily clone video DVDs I made, as well as data DVDs
> or DVDs with audio tracks (yes, this works, too).

Hi Polytropon,

  Thought I would put in my $0.02 here.

  Your not going to find a tool like this under FreeBSD or any
freeOS that I know of.

  The issue is one of assumptions.  The so-called "cheap DVD"s that
you speak of which have bad sectors, in actuality do NOT have
bad sectors - at least, not randomly bad sectors, that is.

  More and more commercial DVD's are coming these days with copy
protection on them.  When the video DVD is read as an ISO, the
reader gets to a certain block in the DVD then commences to
return errors.

  I am not sure how the video playing software gets around it
but I suspect it sends a command to the reader.

  The only program I know of that reads these is a Windows
program called DVD Fab.  It's trialware, you can download
it and run it for a month.  It also gets around the known
copy protection schemes used in BlueRay which are considerably
more sophisticated.

  If you can make an ISO of a video DVD with this program but
it fails using dd, then your dealing with copy protection.

  For example rental DVD's of Pirates of the Carribean 3 and
Clone Wars both have this.  I don't know if the versions you
buy have this as well, I suspect they don't since my guess is
someone is getting royalties on this scheme somewhere.

  I would love to see someone write some code to get around
this for use with dd program.

  Of course, I know your NOT trying to illegally copy commercial
DVDs so it's not necessary for you to reply with protests.  Heh.


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