Why FreeBSD not popular on hardware vendors

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Thu Dec 11 06:55:48 PST 2008

> At work, FreeBSD and Solaris are present. For some fields of
> use, I would not FreeBSD instead of Solaris. However, I found

isn't the reason to using solaris just the need to run solaris-only binary 

> no operating system that could replace FreeBSD in the fields
> where I use it.
> As in many other topics, this is only my very individual point
> of view.
> I do see "FreeBSD's problems" in most cases where hardware
> support isn't up to date, but that's mainly a thing of the
> hardware manufactureres that (a) build black boxes or (b)
> do not use existing standards, so accessing their hardware
> is a problem. Other problems are usual entertainment stuff
> that seems to hook that deeply into the operating system that
> it leads into problems - yes, I'm talking about "Flash"
> especially.

exactly. as adobe don't want me (FreeBSD) user use flash, i do not.

> Hardware vendors are mostly interested in operating systems
> that already have a huge market share. Allthough FreeBSD is
> a very professional OS and has a growing usage share, its
> market share isn't that big, so it is considered to be

even more - FreeBSD users needs MUCH less processing power to do the same 
than for example - windows user.

so even less computers need to be bought.

> Personally, I'd prefer an OS that supports a narrow subset
> of hardware excellently and efficiently instead of an OS that
> claims to support everything, supports most things poorly

me too.

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