install freebsd from inside another operating system

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Mon Dec 8 05:47:50 PST 2008

> Reason I'm asking is that my boss is asking about getting another commodity 
> server using a provider that doesn't offer freebsd. We do get KVM over IP 
> however, and I assume that really clever people might know how to handle this 
> sort of thing if they have console access.

stupid/strange solution: run qemu under linux giving FReeBSD iso as cdrom, 
and linux swap partition as disk (disable swap on linux temporarily), 
install it WITHOUT making slices and labels (manually) - minimum install, 
make sure whole "disk" (actually linux swap partition) is bootable, then 
exit qemu, run linux fdisk to set swap partition as bootable instead of 
linux root, reboot.

you will get FreeBSD working, repartition everything else, optionally copy 
FreeBSD to partition that has to be /, reboot, ready

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