G4U inquiry

Tyson Boellstorff perlcat at alltel.net
Thu Dec 4 13:00:11 PST 2008

On Thursday 04 December 2008 14:44:40 Jean-Paul Natola wrote:

> I have a bsd box with a 12 gig drive- I'm going to get a new drive (larger)
> to replace it as it is quite old and slow -
> My question is when I clone it with g4u  where will the extra space go

it's in the faq.


5.4 A word on disk sizes

      The question how g4u deals with different disk sizes arises a lot too. 
The general answer is, g4u works best with identical disk sizes & geometry. 
Putting an image from a small disk on a big disk works, putting an image from 
a big disk to a small disk is likely to cause problems.

      If you cannot avoid preparing an image on a big disk that'll get 
deployed to a small disk later, make sure the "extra" space is not occupied 
by a active partition or filesystem, else data loss is very likely to occur!

      If you intend to deploy a "small" image to a "big" disk, the extra space 
that's not covered by g4u can be used for creating a partition and a 
filesystem. You will have to do that on your own, e.g. using your operating 
systems' post installation steps. 

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