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Jason C. Wells wrote:
> I currently use a separate machine to make world and to make and archive
> ports and packages.  I would like to retire that machine and move that
> functionality into a jail. I am due to switch to 7.1 from 6.3 soon.
> I understand that I cannot run divergent kernels in the jails.
> I could still make a 7.1-RELEASE world on a 6.3-RELEASE jail and
> installworld into the jail.  That would leave me with a very strange
> jail system with a new generation system (binaries / libs / includes /
> utils / ports) with an old generation kernel.
> The only purpose of the jails is compiling world and installing ports.
> The parent system on which the jails reside cannot be made unreliable
> due to running the mishmash old/new jails.
> I'll need to run NFS servers and telnet servers inside the jails.
> Systems on my network would mount the jail's /usr/obj, /usr/src and
> /usr/ports via NFS to facilitate installworld and port upgrades.
> Can I make this work? Am I asking for trouble?
> Thanks,
> Jason

Hi Jason,

You might want to have a look at Tinderbox:

This tool helps you build packages in a controlled environment, based on
your specified src tree, ports tree and port options.  I believe you'll
need to install it on at least a 7.1-RELEASE system if you want to build
packages for that OS version.

I am currently working on a VMware virtual machine that's preinstalled
with 8.0-STABLE and Tinderbox so anyone can very easily build packages
for 6.3, 7.x and 8.0-STABLE.  If you're interested in having a look at
that, let me know and I'll tell you when it's ready.

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