Problem in FreeBSD 7.x, in Xorg switching consoles.

Polytropon freebsd at
Fri Aug 29 08:11:18 UTC 2008

Ha! Seems that I'm not alone with this! :-)

On Thu, 28 Aug 2008 07:11:23 -0700 (PDT), Christopher Joyner <chris27wjoyner at> wrote:
> When I switch from my Xorg running KDE, for some reason it
> pushes a string as keypresses to the KDE.  I do not know if
> it's on return, or on exit.

I have a similar problem: Whenever I return to X, coming from
a text mode console, the content of the edit buffer (select
with mouse, output with middle button) gets output to the
window that has the focus at this moment (focus on mouse, not
on click). In Opera, the right-click mouse menu is shown. In
an X terminal, the text is passed to the shell - and executed,
if it contains a line break (usually if multiline text was in
the buffer).

> Here is my setup! 
> On tty3 is my Xorg KDE desktop.  On tty8 is a getty login.  
> I use alt+ctrl+f8 to enter the login screen on tty8.
> I then switch back by using alt+ctrl+f3, and enter the KDE desktop.
> But then for some reason something crazy happens.  If i was using
> the konqueror web browser, the address would get replaced and it
> would go to a bogus website.

Try to reproduce this, maybe we're encountering the same problem:
Select some text with the mouse, open an editor or X terminal and
place the mouse into it (or assert that it has focus according to
your focus model). Then, switch Ctrl+Alt+PF8, and return to X with
Ctrl+Alt+PF3. Is the text you had selected now in the X terminal or
the editor?

If not, don't mind my reply.

> So I decided to put up a blank text pad in kedit to see what happens.
> What I get is a url string is pushed to the pad.  
> I believe this happens when coming back to the Desktop KDE.

If it's the same problem that I have, it's generic to, because
I'm using WindowMaker, not KDE, and I've tried XFCE 3 and 4, too, with
the same problem.

It seems that the URI that is passed to Konqueror is in the edit
butter. Try to press the middle mouse button within an editor. Is
the URI output to the editor as it would be to Konqueror?

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