Problem in FreeBSD 7.x, in Xorg switching consoles.

Christopher Joyner chris27wjoyner at
Thu Aug 28 14:11:24 UTC 2008

When I switch from my Xorg running KDE, for some reason it pushes a string as keypresses to the KDE.  I do not know if it's on return, or on exit.

Here is my setup! 
On tty3 is my Xorg KDE desktop.  On tty8 is a getty login.  
I use alt+ctrl+f8 to enter the login screen on tty8.
I then switch back by using alt+ctrl+f3, and enter the KDE desktop.

But then for some reason something crazy happens.  If i was using the konqueror web browser, the address would get replaced and it would go to a bogus website.

So I decided to put up a blank text pad in kedit to see what happens.
What I get is a url string is pushed to the pad.  
I believe this happens when coming back to the Desktop KDE.

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