32-bit fbsd binaries on amd64 (we can already run 32bit linux/fc4 stuff, so this should work, right?)

Steve Franks stevefranks at ieee.org
Thu Aug 28 19:19:35 UTC 2008

I've been reading the wine64 wiki.  I've also seen some of myself &
other's questions in this general direction (not wine specifically,
but anything 64 vs 32) go by.  Near as I can tell, the big hangup is
having 32-bit libs (i.e for X) hanging around on your system.

Now, I'm sure, as usual, I'm being naive, but:

1) We can run 32-bit linux on amd64, so do we have 32-bit freebsd libs already?

2) If we don't have the 32-bit libs, is it possible to steal them
directly from the corresponding i386 freebsd (as long as we haven't
rebuilt our kernel too many times), or should we in all cases be
building them (is there a wiki?  I'm sure setting the CFLAGS for
32-bit (saw that somewhere) and buildworld is not the right way,
unless we manually copy things).

3) Once we have all the libs set up, how does one spoof a port (i.e.
linux/fc4-base or, in my case, wine) into building 64-bit?  I guess
fc4 is easy because it's pretty much a binary download, right, which
is not going to be the case for wine, unless maybe we use the pkg.tgz
(if we can do that, how would one force a 32-bit pkg to install on

It sure seems like there's a path to this coming soon.  It's not just
a matter of wine, I'd like eventually to run matlab64 (which is, of
course, in the opposite direction), and I note people working on

In the meantime, I'm going to attempt to get wine going in my fc4 emu,
but since I'm a FBSD snob, I consider that a very ugly hack...having
to run my FPGA compilers and Matlab in fc4 is insulting enough ;)  I
was so bloody impressed by the performance difference between wine &
kqemu on fedora, however, that I am compelled to try (darn CAD


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