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Warren Block wblock at
Wed Aug 27 17:20:00 UTC 2008

On Wed, 27 Aug 2008, jef moskot wrote:

> We just upgraded to a new server (FreeBSD 7.0) and in our passwd file is the 
> user "messagebus" (there's also a group).
> What's this for and can the UID be changed?  It's got the same number as one 
> of our oldest users and we're trying to determine which UID would be easier 
> to switch.
> While this obviously has something to do with D-BUS (whatever that is), it's 
> nothing we installed "on purpose".  If it's not a part of the default system, 
> it probably got bundled in as a dependency during an large port make.

If dbus is required, you should be able to create the messagebus user 
before installing the dbus port.  Then the port's pkg-install should see 
that you already have a messagebus user and use it instead of creating a 
new one.  (Untested, but it seems like that's worked for upgrading 

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